01 December 2015

Inside Every Straight Man

Inside every straight man is a gay man screaming to get out. That's an old saying, made in a variety of ways, but it's true.

The two lads here are said by the producer to be straight and doing gay for pay. They may think they're straight, but once they put their dick in another lad's mouth or ass, or vice versa, they're no longer straight.

Now they may prefer pussy and actively seek that out. But in order to accept money and suck another lad's cock, or engage in any kind of male-upon-male sexual activity, that means they must have at least some inclination to go over to the rainbow side for a while.

In my younger days when I used to hook up with older men, most of them were married and thought of themselves as straight. I never corrected them, but what we did in motel rooms wasn't something straight men do with each other.

I like the look of these two lads. They do look straight, but they both have boners and are obviously enjoying what's going down, so they're not as straight as they think they are.

The originals for these photos are larger than they appear below and total twenty in number. The complete set is archived online in a gallery here (mirror here) or you may download the whole group in a free zipped folder here.


  1. OMG! Not my Abe! If he says he's straight I can't believe it. That man can really fuck!

  2. Anonymous08:03

    This is why the whole concept of "gay-for-pay" never made too much sense to me!

  3. Anonymous08:42

    Two exceptionally sexy guys, and yes, they certainly know how to use the equipment! Wouldn't mind seeing them putting it to use in my gym.

  4. Anonymous10:43

    I agree with your point about men claiming to be "straight" while occasionally "go over to the rainbow side for a while." However, you said "these two lads . . . do look straight." Is your point appearances can be deceiving or they would escape one's Gaydar?

  5. Anonymous11:26

    Lo importante es gozar. Amigo venezolano,Cucuta


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