24 December 2015

Magical Eyes

Sadly, I know nothing about this magnificent stud. I tried Google image search and it turned up nothing. The webpage in the watermark was of no help, either.

I thought at first he might be this lad, a cop who was posted here two years ago. They could be cousins but are not the same bloke.

My gaydar needle went all twitchy when it saw this, quavering all over the dial. Anyone else getting a hit? And if you know anything about who he might be, please post in the comments.

The larger original for this photo is archived here (mirror here).


  1. Anonymous06:39

    It looks like a photoshopped image.

  2. Anonymous08:32

    Muy expresivo. Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  3. Anonymous12:12

    That's Clark Bartram's face. Looks photoshopped on someone else's body

  4. Chet12:48

    It is both Clark Bartram's face and body. The dude is ripped.

  5. This is not photoshopped. The photographer used key lighting on his face, which makes it look somewhat lighter. The subject may also wear a hat when outdoors, so the result is his body is more tanned than his face.


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