25 April 2016

Trystan's Candy

Yanks and Brits probably know Welsh actor Trystan Gravelle best from his role as Victor Colleano on the popular television show Mr. Selfridge. He also appeared this year in the lesser known British series The Aliens.

One careful viewer recently noticed something about a scene in The Aliens where Trystan is naked but his asset is obscured by low lighting. If you enhance the light, however, you can see what Trystan has between his legs.

Needless to say, had Trystan not succeeded as a legitimate actor, he most definitely could have been a superstar in porn. Move over John Holmes.

The larger originals for these photos are archived here (mirror here).


  1. Anonymous08:12

    Sorry to disappoint, but Trystan plays one of the aliens on The Aliens, and being so well hung is a physical marker of said aliens. It's a prosthetic.

    1. Anonymous06:05

      Spoilsport :-)
      We can dream, can't we?

      But I bet the people who had to detect the aliens had fun (& which twisted scriptwriter came up with *that* idea!)

  2. Anonymous08:14

    Tremendo dulce. Amigo venezolano,Cucuta


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