27 February 2020


The number of people worldwide infected by the new coronavirus continues to grow daily. Many experts are predicting we haven't seen anywhere near the worst yet as new cases keep popping up all over the world.

The impact on the world economy is getting darker each day, and some experts believe the outbreak could cause a worldwide recession. Accordingly, the American stock has dropped by more than 2,000 points over the last three days in response to the virus threat.

The US Center for Disease Control is warning the virus may spread and quickly within the United States. "It's not so much a question of if this will happen anymore but rather more a question of exactly when," a CDC official was quoted as saying. "Prepare for the expectation that this might be bad."

Donald Trump, who has no medical training nor experience, says everything is fine. He bellows that any negative coverage of the virus in the United States is "fake news." He insists the virus will be going away soon but definitely by April. He has spent more time on the topic bashing Democrats and the media than describing his administration's response.

There may be a reason for that — it's because his administration is in chaos on this issue and the pandemic response staff was hollowed out to almost nothing by his administration. In short, the government is totally unprepared if a large number of coronavirus cases appear in the United States.

Vox published an excellent albeit disturbing piece on Tuesday (link here) with the title "Trump’s flailing incompetence makes coronavirus even scarier" and the secondary title of "America’s pandemic response capabilities have been systematically dismantled." Bottom line: people may die because of Trump's incompetence and corruption.

Hopefully America will weather this possible crisis in the best way possible. But don't look for leadership or honesty from Trump if the shit hits the fan. He'll be busy trying to blame his administration's incompetence on someone else.

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