09 January 2010

Weekend Tool Lesson

Weekends are a perfect time for projects with a favorite tool. Before beginning a project, however, make sure you're using the proper tool. Sometimes it's necessary to measure your tool to make certain it will fit properly for the intended job.

Never force a tool, because that may damage both your equipment and what you're attempting to service. Use the tool firmly with commanding, confident strokes for maximum effect.

Be sure to use your tool to its full advantage. Although you should always be careful, don't be timid, either. Sure, certain strokes with your tool will often complete the job in the most satisfactory manner.

Proper tool lubrication is essential. The best tools, of course, are self-lubricating and will make certain the job is done with maximum efficiency and effect. Also, be sure to clean your tool before putting it away after use.

I hope you enjoy using your tool this weekend. I hope your project enjoys it, too.


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