19 January 2010

Sail Away

Enrico is a Usenet find, so I don't know anything more about him. A Google search of the first and last name attached to the files turned up nothing. He makes a great advocate for nude sailing.


  1. I am not really sure of this hot mans name. However I do know that he is one of the scores of men that are models for Kristen Bjorn and Sarava Productions.

  2. Anonymous16:44

    He was in Kristen Bjorn's 1989 video Carnaval in Rio. These photos aren't from the video, probably date from the same time. I still think he's one of the hottest men I ever saw. Here's a link for the video:
    He's listed there as Erico Ventania.

  3. Anonymous18:17

    He is Enrico Ventania, part of the cast of Kristen Bjorn's earlier masterpieces- Carnaval in Rio.

  4. He is wonderful. Thank you

  5. Yeah, very hot man.

    And he's a bottom.

  6. Enrico Ventania is his name...

  7. Anonymous10:26

    Agree, Definitely one of the hottest guys I've ever seen. The only name I've seen with him is Enrico Vantania.I've seen a few pics of him topping.


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