11 January 2010


I confess I've never used one of these. When I have lacked for intimate male companionship, my right hand and an over-active imagination always sufficed. Here, Johnny Castle demonstrates the proper use of a Fleshjack. Now if he had me around, he wouldn't have to worry about a surrogate for sex.


  1. I've never used one, either. But it looks like he's having fun with it.

  2. Anonymous08:38

    I'm sure it gives guite the sensation, but it looks like a female's part and frankly, I would not be interested in either.

  3. EVERYONE I've asked has said the sensation is incredible and definitely worth the purchase price. There are different models to choose from and you can get a mouth or ass so no 'yucky lady parts' have to touch your dick.

  4. Anonymous18:17

    I have one and it's incredible. Feels like the real thing. Well worth the cost!

  5. i love Johny Castle even though he is straight! i've seen him in some straight action and also solo jerking off....he is hot!


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