20 January 2010


My physician has a solo practice and is openly gay. Like some film business executives, he tends to hire very hot, straight, gay-friendly men in his office. While he's a very good doctor, I must admit the eye candy parade is part of the reason I use him.

I had a regularly scheduled appointment recently and discovered his new nurse, who looks amazingly like pornstar Nick Jacobs (aka Rick Ritter), seen below, except that he's even hotter. The nurse is very friendly with a sweet smile but also a touch of shyness. You get a sense he doesn't quite realize he's so bloody hot.

I must confess I've been thinking of reasons to go back to the doctor. I have a little dry patch of skin on my chest that I should probably have examined straight away.


  1. Anonymous16:24

    OK ~ so he's very pleasant & is above average in appearance ... but is he 'straight' - 'bi' or 'gay for pay'!? i like the music & the video quality is excellent! :)

  2. I'm glad I stopped by. An openly gay doctor! I need to find one, and I hope he has hotties in his office.
    But seriously, shouldn't the gay community be like the Jewish Community, and make an effort to put money back into our community.


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