28 February 2009

Aeneas on the Subway

In Roman mythology, Aeneas was a mighty hero and son of a goddess who traveled to the underworld. He later became a god himself. Here we see a modern-day Aeneas on the subway, traveling to parts unknown.

I found him on another blog. Little discoveries like this are as joyful as they are annoying, because you're happy to find a beautiful man but agonized to know you'll almost certainly never see any more. Somewhere, he lives a full life, and your world and his will never intersect.

I'm wondering if this modern-day Aeneas is an off-duty fireman on his way home to the missus after a long shift. If he looked up to catch you spying on him and you are a beautiful woman, he would grant you an ellusive smile. But if he caught a guy looking, he'd stare you down with his steely eyes until you turned away, embarrassed and ashamed but also secretly thrilled for this morsel of interaction. He is a god, after all, and you and I are mere mortals.


  1. Oh he is so fine!

  2. Anonymous08:23

    What a sight for sore eyes. If I were sitting across from him I would wait until he got up to leave. Then I would cross over to sit on the same spot and feel the heat come through directly to my crotch, especially after getting an eyeful of his humongous,masculine, jean-covered bubble-butt.

  3. Anonymous14:26

    This would make me miss my stop!

  4. Anonymous19:40

    After that hot hunk got up i wouldn't just sit in his seat, i would bury my face in it and take a good sniff and breathe in the musky man smell left over from his bubble butt.


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