23 February 2009

Mr. Attitude

I have no idea who this guy is. I found him on a modeling portfolio site and bookmarked him. When I returned some days later, he had taken down his profile. I googled the URL and found these cached images. I don't know his stats, but he's obviously very tall. Those arms of his are so big they could have their own zipcode.

This guy wears attitude like a second skin. Women begin to ovulate in his presence. Men turn their eyes away from him out of sheer cowardice. This guy walks in a room, and the conversations dwindle to nothing.

The fact that he appeared in an editorial spread for erectile dysfunction is laughable. Like this bloke ever has problems getting hard.


  1. his arms are divine!

  2. Extremely awesome

  3. His name is Geovanny Govea. He is a former military man who has decided to get into modeling.

    And he is PERFECT.


  4. Anonymous18:39

    find him on silvermodels.com he is from Educador i think


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