05 September 2014

Bone Patrol

A man walking around with an erection that bobs and weaves is one of the most magnificent things to behold. I wish we saw more of that in porn.

I wonder if this is a loop pulled from a porn movie or whether it's something some lad made of himself or his lover. I hope it's the latter so that maybe someone knows more about him.

Just looking at this makes me hard, so now I'll slip off my shorts and walk around the room, too.


  1. What an absolutely gorgeous erection! I could watch this all day long! I just love how it bobs up and down, and side to side as he walks. Magnificent indeed!

  2. I agree! This needs to happen more in porn ... and in real life!

  3. Anonymous08:42

    I have to tell this story in regards to your posting. A few years ago at a gym I was at this guy was walking about just like that. He obviously was not wearing anything under his baggy gym shorts and his cock was poking out like a 10 inch pole. I mean, it was swinging back and forth. It was SO obvious and SO out of place there at the gym. I asked this buddy of mine to take a look at this and he refused and acted as if he would turn gay if he did look. Geez. I wanted to go over and grab that thing but didn't dare. BUT I gotta tell ya, why that was going on with him in the gym is beyond me. When you are working out hard the blood is not going to go to your penis. So, I don't understand that one and this was a straight guy training with his straight training partner in a very straight gym. The best was when he was doing flat bench and his cock was poking up like a tent pole. OMG is all I could say and wondered if anyone else was seeing what I was seeing. It was unbelievable. Ill never forget that visual image and wonder why nobody else said anything. WOOF.

  4. Anonymous04:43

    No tattoos would top my wish list. Your wish would be next.

    1. Anonymous05:54

      I have exactly the same thought.

  5. Anonymous12:37

    This is the amazing Jarec from Sean Cody/Randy Blue. I'm pretty sure it's from this video:


    I love when guys walk around with erections. Man Avenue always has the guys do it in their videos, and it's always the hottest part.

  6. Nuno16:26

    I'll slip off my shorts and FAP FURIOUSLY TO THIS.


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