08 September 2014

Monday Morning Moonshine

For those of you with a long week ahead of you at work, here are some Monday morning moons to make your day. Pay particular attention to the last lad and check out the low-hangers slightly visible between his legs.

The originals are all larger than they appear below, so you can download them in their original size here.


  1. Anonymous07:27

    Excelentes.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  2. Anonymous08:38

    loved the pics. great job!

  3. Anonymous12:37

    Love the 7th image (with the model wearing a saddle)...jeez.

  4. Anonymous06:16

    Scott said,

    I do love me some man butt, especially the last pic, what a great looking back and butt, and you can see his fat balls from behind.


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