04 September 2014

Cocksucker Countdown

I believe this is the first time Patrick has rimmed another lad. So surely that means he'll end up with a cock in his mouth real soon. If you're down with munching a bloke's ass, you can't think sucking his joystick is "too gay."

The originals for the photos below are absolutely massive and part of a set of one hundred. To download the whole batch for free -- some of them would make great screensavers -- please click here.


  1. I don't know man...he puts his tongue in guys asses all the time.this isn't the first time.he also got gang banged by 4 guys. But I think your right. Its just a matter of time..still its hot ....

  2. Anonymous07:38

    Escenas increĆ­bles con Paddy.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  3. Anonymous23:03

    That's the strange thing about Paddy, he'll kiss a guy tongue and all, he's rimmed them too for a while now- he's been fucked, flip flopped and gang banged... but he won't take a dick in his mouth. Personally, I'd do that before doing any of the other stuff


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