19 September 2014

Night Maneuvers

"Maneuvers" is one of those words I had to re-learn how to spell when I moved to the US as a lad. Some of the nastier teachers I had would mark me down for spelling words the British way, i.e. "manoeuvre." Never mind most of the farm boys with whom I went to school didn't even know what the word meant and would never use it.

But enough about that. Private Jaxton wakes up in the middle of the night and discovers Corporal Colby wanking furiously. "No need to do that, sir," he says, "when my mouth could do a much better job." The loud sucking awakens big Sergeant Zeb, who happily participates in these night maneuvers. Soon they're spit-roasting their private, and he's glad they found this out-of-the-way cave.

The originals of these photos are massive with more than eighty in the set. To download the whole batch for free, you'll want to click here.

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  1. Great pics. Zeb gets more massive all the time!!


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