13 February 2015

Big Guns

I suspect most lads whose naked pictures end up online either had them stolen and posted by an ex or they were self-posted because they were looking to get laid. If it was the latter for the bloke appearing below, I don't think he waited too long for a response.

He has a number of attributes that ring my chimes: those big arms and powerful shoulders, that sweet face, and the cum-catcher beard. I hope he's versatile because I'd want to both pitch and catch with him.

The photos below are archived in their original larger size here.


  1. Anonymous08:38

    Mis armas favoritas.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  2. Wow what a hottie!

  3. Anonymous07:38

    and just what are those white steaks and spots on pic 4.
    Impressive. Great guns.


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