06 February 2015

Rhymes With Fuck

This lad has the improbable porn name of Buck Santiago. That sounds like the hero of a bad spy novel. But that's the only thing bad about him, because otherwise, he's very, very easy on the eyes.

I had the idea that it would be great to pair him with Mr. Anonymous from yesterday. They could compare abs and pop each other's cherry. I'd love to be a fly on the wall for that. Hell, I'd love to be in the middle of that.

The originals for these photos are larger than they appear below and total thirty-five in number. To download the complete set without charge, click here.


  1. Anonymous06:29

    Sabroson.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  2. Anonymous09:20

    I like this guy. . .hes hot. . .. but I gotta tell ya. . ..GONE are the COLT glory days and the HOTTTT model types they use to have back in the day... . the guys they use now are ok but NOT cut out of the same HUNKY mold that the first COLT models were that made the COLT brand.

  3. Anonymous21:01

    Exquisite man-- gorgeous on so many levels. (Wish he'd spread his cheeks, though....)

  4. Anonymous21:30

    i totally agree, the classic colt models were of a different breed. they were these untouchable archetypes. they were basically gods- as one of their publications was aptly named olympus. they were men that were impossible to ignore, i think by both straight and gay men. models of sheer perfection, not these photoshopped boys next door falcon types ( owner of colt studios) but masculine men that exuded sex from every pore. everyone can't and shouldn't be a porn star and the rip colt men were and are in a class alone. actually their inages are burned into my physche and influuence me to this day.

  5. Anonymous22:06

    Bravo Santiago. The most perfect body includiing his most perfect dick and expression.
    He and Von Ledgend are the KINGS


  6. Anonymous11:50

    Buck's much more interesting in the solo video that you found and posted the next day, Manhandler. I think he's really hot in the video, but these images don't do much for me. His face is sort of feminine here.

  7. Anonymous11:12

    to me his facial expression is that of a man being tortured and trying every fiber in his body to keep from screeming in pain as the brand burns into his muscle or the clamp squeezes his testicles. I don't see anything feminine in that.


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