05 February 2015

Clark Kent's Little Brother

In budget dress shirt and pants, this guy looks geeky, like he's some tech in the IT department. You can tell he's not fat, but his clothes are so baggy and ill fitting you only have the slightest hint what's underneath.

And then he takes off his shirt and pants. Holy shit. This guy needs to learn how to dress better. He needs a fitted shirt and tailored pants. He has the kind of body that demands to be shown off.

I have no clue who he is, but if he's out there somewhere, sees this, and is inclined to send me his naked pictures, I will be happy to receive and enjoy them.

The originals for the photos seen below are larger and archived here (backup here).


  1. Anonymous07:06

    El esta fantástico..Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  2. Anonymous07:08

    Due to his shyness, we don't know for sure if he's Clark's "little" brother.

  3. Maybe I should go check out the guys in IT ...


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