10 February 2015

The Ultimatum

Professor Paul tells underclassmen Johnny that he's in danger of failing Economics 201. So, he must report to the professor's house that night at seven to remedy the problem. Clueless Johnny shows up and the professor lays down the ultimatum: you will pass only if you suck my cock and take it up the ass.

Johnny is more than happy to comply, because he's been so distracted during lectures by fantasizing about bottoming for the professor that he doesn't pay attention to what he should be learning. After the session is over, Johnny tells the professor he doesn't think he's quite learned his lesson and needs to come back for more tutoring.

The professor appreciates his can-do attitude and orders him back that Friday night for an "intensive weekend study session." Johnny gets hard again just thinking about it.

The originals for these photos are massive and total one hundred in number. To download the entire batch for free, click here.


  1. The top is SO manly! Yes.

  2. Anonymous10:54

    A--H-H-H-- Love 'em! Ginger Men!--Paul W can be my 'manly man daddy' any day--any way....!!

  3. right in time for Valentines Day


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