22 May 2015

A Straight Bottom?

This is Chip, who has done porn for the last five years. He's in his late twenties and stands 5'4", which makes him even shorter than me.

I guess that makes him a pocket stud, a term someone introduced me to in a comment here several years back. He is one of those boyish-looking men with an adult's body but a college lad's face. That nice thick uncut cock and globular ass is all man, however.

Chip is a curious fellow, because he says he's straight but likes to explore other sexual avenues. He usually bottoms in gay porn and also in hetero strap-on porn. He says he's more attracted to women, but he seems to like something big and hard pumping in and out of his manhole.

I did some searching around and learned he escorts to men in Las Vegas, so that's even more cocks slamming in and out of his bungster. For a straight lad, he's on the receiving end of an awful lot of hard cocks.

The originals for the photos below are quite large and total fifty-plus in number. To download the complete batch for free, be sure to click here.


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