24 March 2016

Breaking Bad

James is not everyone's favorite pornstar, but you'd be hard pressed to say he doesn't have a hot body. He's stridently straight but gay for pay, so he only tops and never sucks cock, which arguably is why he has detractors.

I still say that a lad who thinks he's straight but tops other men isn't really straight. If he can get hard and dump his load whilst his hard cock is in another lad's ass or mouth, he's bisexual at least and possibly gay.

His orientation notwithstanding, in these photos James reminds me of Jesse Pinkman in Breaking Bad. I think it's the haircut, but I see Jesse as more of a bottom.

The originals for these photos are massive and are part of a collection with more than four hundred high quality images featuring James alone and with partners engaging in various sex acts that are decidedly not straight. If you'd like to download the entire set in a free zipped folder, you can do so by clicking here.


  1. Love your blog- maybe it's just me, but thought you ought to know that the link to 'click here' leads to an infected site which my Kaspersky wouldn't allow me to open.

  2. Kaspersky attempts to block sites that are not approved by the Russian government. Tusfiles has hosted material critical of the Putin government. Because Kaspersky has links to the Russian government, they try to divert traffic away from Tusfiles. Kaspersky's fraudulent false positives have been widely documented in the media.

  3. Anonymous05:50

    El es muy lindo en realidad,pero su actitud me causa rechazo. Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  4. Anonymous07:12

    I can't down load anything from the link site, just goes though endless popups and garbage . . Thanks for your postings they are AWESOME!

    1. Try installing Adblock. I've used it for years and it works alongside any virus program. It stops 99.99 percent of popups and blocks nearly all ads, particularly anything with hinky content.


  5. A few more years of getting buff & bringing those abs to life will help him get my attention.


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