31 March 2016


Superman's secret is finally out. No, it's not that he's really Clark Kent.

The secret is that Lois has been his beard for years and he actually prefers men. When he's running into an alley, it's not to change out of his costume -- it's to suck some lad's cock.

Does this mean Superman's cum could extinguish a volcano in one squirt? He could flip over a locomotive with his boner? You'd also have to be careful not to piss him off, because anger sex could be quite painful.

The originals for these photos are much larger than they appear below and total two dozen in number. You can download the entire set in a free zipped folder here.


  1. Anonymous09:02

    La mejor arma de superman. Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  2. Never liked any of them.


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