29 March 2016


I've always had a weakness for dark-haired lads with light eyes and a sweet, wholesome, clean-cut look. I imagine that's because I've known some men in real life who looked like that and stole my heart.

The lad on the right in the first three photos below has gone by a lot of names in porn: Phillip, Tanner, Marco, and possibly more. He bottoms about two thirds of the time and tops the other third.

He had more of a college jock look when he first started doing porn four years ago, but he's bulked up a bit and looks less boyish, and all the more tempting to me. On a related note, I featured him a few months back here on the blog when he bottomed for another lad.

The originals for these photos are larger than they appear below and total twenty in number. You may download the complete set in a free zipped archive folder here.

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