30 July 2017

Backfiring Spectacularly

Rolling Stone magazine published an excellent article on Friday with the title "Trans Military Ban: Why Doubling Down on the Culture Wars Won't Save Trump" (link here). The piece succinctly demostrates how Donald Trump is attempting to use George W. Bush's 2004 playbook, but that's out of date now and won't work again.

I'm not surprised that Trump would try this strategy. Much of his presidency and policy is backwards-looking and backwards-thinking. He seems trapped in the past. He thinks dirty industry is great. Pollution controls are bad. Filthy coal is good. The intercity is a terrible place. Blacks should go to the back of the line. Women should be seen and not heard. And queers belong back in the closet.

On a similar note, Bill Moyers' website published a great article on Friday with the title "Donald Trump’s War on the 1960s" (link here). Trump and his supporters want to take us back to about 1953.

Fortunately, most of America doesn't want to go there. And the more Trump and his ilk tries to take us back, the louder we will resist.


  1. Anonymous04:16

    Que tal semejantes ideas tan retrogradas,el pasado para unas cosas pero el presente para otras.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  2. I know I'm not in the subject but this «crispy» news can be quite a SMASH in the White House that is already sinking down...



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