25 July 2017


You've probably heard that Senator John McCain was diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer recently. He has the identical type of cancer that killed Ted Kennedy.

I did not vote for McCain when he ran for President but have never doubted he's a courageous American. He was a prisoner of war for five and a half years and frequently tortured during that long ordeal.

So while I would never support his politics, I'm sure I'm like many people when I wish him well during this difficult time.

Sadly, quite a lot of people aren't that way. They're celebrating his fatal illness. And those people also support Donald Trump.

As detailed by Newsweek (link here), some Trump supporters have been saying particularly horrible things about McCain online. One called his cancer diagnosis "godly justice" while another declared "I’m pretty sure that God is punishing him."

Now Trump can't pick who stands behind him. But the fact that so many despicable people support him says something about his message and his appeal.

And it also speaks volumes when Trump is utterly silent in the face of this disgusting abuse being heaped by his supporters on a political opponent, not unlike the abuse Trump himself dished out to McCain during the campaign when he mocked the Senator for having been a POW.

This isn't democracy in action. This is thuggery in action. Most politicians would speak up strongly against this kind of ugly behavior.

In fact, John McCain did that in 2008 when he was running for President and a supporter lobbed false and racist accusations against Barack Obama. McCain stopped the woman from speaking and spoke up in support of Obama in defiance of his own constituent.

That takes integrity and class, two attributes that the current President is entirely lacking. If he doesn't speak out soon about what his supports are saying about John McCain, then Trump owns that ugliness himself by condoning it with silence.


  1. Well said about the lack of empathy from even members of his own party.

    These events are showing who are the real gentlemen and who are real pigs.

    For Trumpty Dumpty's behavior, he is equal to himself as usual.
    Bashing Mc Cain during the campaign and now, this morning for the vote for repeal and replace Obama Care, saying that Mc Cain is a very courageous man because he will make the trip to Washington for that «important» vote.
    For sure, Trumpty Dumpty desperately needs ALL the votes to make is point.
    Again, "HE" is showing a real whore behavior.

    More despicable behavior coming from a guy that avoided going in the army to defend his country like a real coward.

    Mc Cain is a real hero and more, a real gentleman. He deserve respect from ALL Americans no matter the party.

  2. McCain also was the deciding vote today to continue the travesty of divesting 23 million people of health insurance. I think maybe he has no brain left. So probably the cancer won't kill him. Unconscionable,that someone possibly dying of terminal cancer would separate millions of healthy Americans who aren't multimillionaires from healthcare. I also voted for Hillary.

    1. You're damn right and I can add that this is so AMERICAN that the wealthier you are, the better chances you have in many ways.

      From here, Canada and other «civilized» countries, it's unbelievable to see USA, such a RICH country, not able to provide to ALL its population an universal public healthcare as we have here.

      You spend gazilions of $$$ on war, planes, ships, space etc..
      BUT not even able to provide the most important thing to your population: HEALTHCARE for ALL.

      This is such a nonsense in a so «Christian» society.
      Jesus Christ must be so angry.


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