27 July 2017

Filthy Liar

Yesterday morning, Donald Trump announced that the United States military would no longer accept or allow transgender people to serve (details here).

The surprise announcement was widely condemned by both Republicans and Democrats and strongly resisted by Trump's own Secretary of Defense. Prominent Republicans on Capitol Hill condemned the President for this action, like Congressman Ken Buck of Colorado who said "America needs a military comprised of patriots willing to sacrifice for this country. Any American who is physically and emotionally qualified should be allowed to serve" (details here).

Politico reported later yesterday (link here) that this was a snap decision by Trump to pander to conservatives in Congress so they would pass a spending bill full of his vanity projects like the ridiculous Mexican border wall.

As a result, in a spur-of-the-moment decision, Trump threw as many as 15,000 proudly serving military members under the bus to fluff up his fragile ego. These men and women are serving bravely, something Trump didn't have the courage to do when he applied for five deferments during the Vietnam War.

With this action, Trump finally exposes his lie about being pro-LGBT for exactly what it is -- a bold-faced lie. Yet again, he broke another campaign promise in the blink of the eye when it suited him without a second thought for the thousands of lives that will be burdened by his callousness.

Fortunately, LGBT advocacy groups are preparing to challenge this disgraceful action in federal court on equal protection and other constitutional grounds. Trans service members will have their lives turned upside down if they are dishonorably discharged and denied veteran benefits. This ruling must not stand.

First Trump went for the throat of trans Americans in the military. Who's next? Muslims? Gay men and women? Liberals?

No LGBT person should ever attempt again to claim that Trump is pro-LGBT. He viciously stabbed the LGBT community in the back yesterday, a brutal betrayal that must never be forgotten.


  1. This is BAD, BAD.....

    Coming from a «man» who avoided to enlist in the army during the Vietnam war, this is so shameful and really shows his coward behavior as its worst.

    Trumpty Dumpty did show during the campaign that "HE" was a LGBT «friend». Maybe he didn't really understood what the "T" in LGBT meant: it wasn't "T" for Trump.

    Here in Canada and in respond to this huge bad news, our Canadian army commander in chief just reassured the LGBT in our army that they were safe and also protected by our laws and Canadian Chart of Rights and Liberties.
    No such nonsense in our troops in Canada.

    Again this unfit president is showing big lack of open mind and that "HE" isn't the president of ALL Americans.

  2. Meanwhile in Canada, a REAL LAND OF LIBERTY.


  3. Anonymous09:51

    The LGBT "community" was betrayed the minute that man became the president. Again, anyone who believed for as little as a split second that that man would be a friend and ally was wrong then, and wrong still.

  4. Anonymous05:11

    Asi actĂșan los cobardes mentirosos.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta


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