28 July 2017

The Fallout Continues

We're now two days after Donald Trump's disgraceful ban on trans people serving in the US military. In his typical incompetent management, he apparently told no one before he announced the ban, and the Pentagon was completely blindsided because he did not follow policy and protocol.

Accordingly, the Joint Chiefs of Staff have announced that, absent the formal, required notice from Trump, there is no trans ban, at least for the time being (details here). Once again, Trump tried to govern by Twitter and instead did a massive face plant.

The President's alleged reasoning for the ban was because it was expensive for trans personnel to receive medical expenses and taxpayers shouldn't foot the bill. Some intrepid journalists at USA Today quickly calculated that it costs more for Trump to travel to his resort Mar-a-Lago than for trans military medical services (details here). So if Trump wants to save money, he can stay home.

Vox published arguably the best post-mortem on Trump's disgraceful action (link here) with a title that abandons all pretense at subtlety: "Trump promised to be a uniquely pro-LGBTQ Republican. It was total bullshit."

That says it all. Of course, most of us knew Trump was full of shit long ago.

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