24 January 2010

Big Guns

Real anonymous amateurs, culled from the net, all showing off their magnificent guns. Nothing is better than a strong, sensual, confident man ensnaring you in his big, powerful arms and holding you tight and safe as he loves you. Hopefully you have someone special who can grab hold of you this weekend, too.


  1. the third one is hot! Nice in jeans! but all of them are hot with their muscled body! Thanks for the post!

  2. Anonymous19:37

    I know a few places where that first stud's tongue could go...


  3. Anonymous19:20

    I'm seeing so many pix of the thirf guy on the web... Is he a porn star/model or something like that?

  4. I don't know anon @19:20 but let's hope he is!

  5. Anonymous07:42

    The guy in pic #2 is so hot and sexy and rugged looking. love to suck him off and then get fucked.


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