13 January 2010

Midweek Mirror Matinée

One of my favorite things is for my boyfriend to stand behind me when I'm in front of a full-length mirror. He whispers filth into my ear as he grinds his hard cock into the small of my back and simultaneously jacks me off, then I lick the resulting cum off the mirror whilst he licks his swimmers off my back.

That may sound weird, but we both find it incredibly hot. We also have a phone sex variation on this, too, where each of us will masturbate in front of a mirror whilst talking filth to the other half a world away. I can only imagine what the NSA thinks if they listen to my calls. Then again, maybe some hot NSA stud is rubbing one out as he listens to us.

This serves as a good segue into a personal revelation that I've always had something of a mirror fetish. So this video caught my eye straight off. Alas, I was never able to blow myself, although I certainly tried when I was in my teens and twenties and more flexible than I am now in my early forties.


  1. Anonymous09:38

    hott damn!

  2. Anonymous15:24

    is one of the guy's gay porn's ARPAD from a few years ago!? he was hot even back then! (if it's him!) :)

  3. Anonymous04:28

    I think he is Arpad! Only that he is younger here...


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