07 July 2015

After Four Sixpacks

My dirty mind immediately concocts a story when I see this. The little pup has a huge secret crush on his new roommate. They both return home after work one day within a few minutes of each other, and the big lad invites the little one to share a few sixpacks as they watch some straight porn.

Happy to pass the time with the object of his affection, he eagerly agrees. The beer loosens their tongues, and the beer loosens their zippers. It's not long before they're both jacking off -- the big one to the porn and the little one whilst watching his roommate.

The big lad may be half pissed, but he soon realizes what's running through his roommate's head. So he convinces the pup to give him a blowjob, promising the same in return. Nudity, boners, and flying cum ensue.

As they finish off the last of the beers and share a cum-sticky kiss, the big bloke admits he's had a crush on the little one since he first saw him. The latter confesses the same is true for him. Cupid smiles.

The originals for these photos are larger than they appear below and total sixty-four in number. To download the complete set for free, you'll want to click here.


  1. That big guy = top material, right there. :)

  2. Mike09:01

    Loving the muscles, treasure trail, and full, rich nipples on the big guy. The short one is well built for his size; nice, natural skin.

  3. Anonymous09:01

    Complemento perfecto.Amigo venezolano,cucuta

  4. Anonymous12:49

    Too. Fuckin'. Hot.

  5. Anonymous13:23

    I don't see a single beer can in any of those images. Your imagination runs wild... :-)


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