20 July 2015

The Summer Intern

Patrick is very excited about his summer internship and is hoping to learn a lot from Mr. Petrov, his new boss. On his first day at work, the lad says he's hoping to pick up a lot of pointers on how to succeed in business.

"Son, to get ahead, you have to be willing to give head," Mr. Petrov says as he puts his hands on Patrick's head and pushes him to his knees. Patrick quickly grows hard as he realizes his summer position has a lot more benefits than he first realized.

After Mr. Petrov dumps a load down the young man's throat, he pushes the eager lad face-first on his desk and starts working on his ass. "Sir, what's the most important thing I can say in a job like this?" Patrick asks as his boss begins pounding his hole with his fat uncut cock.

"I'll tell you the most important thing, young man," the boss replies, "You should shout 'fuck me harder, sir,' when I do this to you every day."

The originals for these photos are huge and total one hundred in number. Most of them are horizontals, so I included a few verticals below. To download the complete set for free, you'll want to click here.


  1. Anonymous07:26

    Un buen dia de trabajo. Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  2. A dream come true! That little sexy top... <3


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