20 October 2015

Muscle Nerd

I shop at a big box store in Los Angeles for all my home office and electronic needs. I'm often waited on by a friendly bloke who I've come to think of as a muscle nerd.

From the neck up, he looks like a nerd: he's rather pale with a receding hairline, overly prominent ears and nose, and a somewhat goofy face framed by glasses that do not complement him. He's not what you'd call handsome.

From the neck down, however, he's a completely different story. He always wears baggy chinos and a loose polo shirt that hide his body, but you can easily tell he's very well built with a powerful, ripped physique.

The lad pictured here looks like he's cut from the same bolt of cloth: a nerd from the neck up, but everything else is very easy on the eyes. He just needs to stop shaving his chest.

The originals for these photos are larger than they appear and total nearly sixty in number. To download the complete set in a free zipped folder, you'll want to click here.


  1. Anonymous09:14

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  2. Anonymous22:06

    Oh yeah? Which big box store do you shop at in LA? Let me know and I'll holla at you the next you're there.

  3. Anonymous09:13

    My humble opinion: this guy is cute. . with a silly smile. nice chest. . but the private parts. . .. well, small and Id prefer to keep them covered. . . a guy like this looks better with something on as opposed to being totally naked.. Work that smile and chest dude and forget about being naked! :)

    1. My thoughts exactly. Puny. #yawn.

  4. Oh he's just mighty fine! His cock is just fine for me and I'd love giving him a slow teasing hand job!


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