30 October 2015

The Beast in the Woods

Jack has had a huge crush on his hulking scoutmaster ever since he joined the troop. Now one of the youth leaders, the young man has stayed with scouting for the sole reason of being able to spend time with the object of his affection.

One day during an extended camping trip, Jack sneaks away for a wash and a wank in the woods. As usual, he's hard before he even has his clothes off because, once again, he's thinking about scoutmaster Zeb.

Little does he know the big man himself is lumbering through the woods nearby after taking a piss. He spots Jack beating off as he washes his junk and decides, now that the lad has turned eighteen, his chance has arrived.

Zeb wanders up to the embarrassed Jack and pretends not to notice his soapy boner. "Looks like a good idea there, son," he says as he strips off his uniform to wash, too.

Jack is in agony, trying desperately to suppress his hardon as the huge naked man stands only inches away from him in the creek. "Long as you got yours all soaped up, how 'bout you give my junk a wash, too," Zeb says as he grabs the young man's hand and puts it on his own hardening meat.

Jack is in heaven as he strokes the big man's now rock-hard cock with his soapy fist. The scoutmaster grins at him as he growls, "I know you've been wantin' to do that a long time now, boy."

The handjob continues in near silence for a few minutes as scoutmaster Zeb gently caresses Jack's back and ass, punctuated only by a few groans from the big man. Suddenly, he abruptly pushes the younger lad aside, squats down, and rinses his rigid cock and tender balls in the creek.

Zeb then stands and forces the younger lad to his knees, his throbbing erection only inches from Jack's quavering lips. "Get to work now, son," the big man says with a wide grin. "Both you and I been waiting for this moment for a long time."

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  1. Anonymous08:06

    Que bestia!!!!. Amigo venezolano, Cucuta

  2. Anonymous11:26

    Fucking in the creek? Too weird.


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