21 October 2015

Rocco and Company

Few men in the porn biz have cocks the size of Rocco, known around this blog as Mr. Thick. Esteban's is almost as huge, so he joins Rocco in this video to repeatedly impale and pound slutty muscle bottom Aymeric.

Now I dare you not to have a trouser tentpole after you're viewed this all the way through. If you'd rather watch on the source webpage or to download your own free copy, be sure to click here.


  1. Anonymous06:54

    Todos quieren con Rocco. Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  2. Damn! when I saw it was Tim Tales and a threesome, of course I downloaded it. this is a hot video! Thank you! talk about thick cock! wow! So have you and yours done a threesome lately?

  3. Anonymous09:18

    Hot video. I like these guys. . All have appeal. I was wondering. . Rocco seems to have kinda just hit the scene and its obvious hes not 21 . . so just curious.. anyone know how old he may be? Most guys that get into porn do it at the younger age and then get out. . some start a little later. . which really doesn't matter as long as they got what people wanna see. . .but I was just curous about Rocco. And he certainly has the goods! So was just curious. Thx.

    1. In a recent interview, he said he was 45 when he started in porn last year.

  4. there is a odd difference between your last (most recent) post of "the nerd" vs. these three guy's ... the nerd is critiqued for not being up to "gay attractive standards" while these three VERY unattractive guy's receive gay kudos because they have big dicks ... I CHOOSE THE NERD - i'm bewildered these three guy's find an audience let alone someone would give them money for their performance in porn let alone hire them in the first place - just saying :)


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