13 October 2015

Raging Pig

Sometimes retail webpages have surprising finds. While 99 percent of their male models are generic and rather quickly forgettable, on occasion you happen on a particularly tasty offering.

Mister unknown below is a prime example. He's modeling a T-shirt, but I'd much rather order him online, instead.

The website has utterly no information about him. I looked at all of their other selections, and this appears to be the only product he modeled where you could see his face.

I would also like to see him with that T-shirt removed. Come to think of it, I'd like to see him with everything removed.

I'd like to pair him with the yoga stud featured here yesterday. They'd make a really hot couple.

The photos are larger than they appear below and are archived online here (mirror here).


  1. Anonymous09:33

    Macho.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  2. He is one of the models for 'Shane Ruff Studio'. They sell custom T shirts. They are on Facebook. He does a lot of their stuff, but he is not the only on. Their main guy was Chris Miklos who passed away. Shane Ruff could tell you his name or he may model on their sit.

  3. His name is Patrick Weise and he was a contestant on Top Chef Canada. He married a Canadian, but he's originally from the US. http://chefwiese.com/bio.html

    He and his husband have done some modelling together as well. He's also modeled for Nasty Pig.

  4. Anonymous12:46

    Prior to moving to Toronto, he was Oprah Winfrey's private chef for a period of time. He was invited to the Bears of Toronto holiday dinner some time ago to judge our food. He enjoyed my butter tarts!

    Cheers, Tomil5


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