12 October 2015

Yoga Stud

I don't know why this anonymous lad decided to have someone photograph him doing yoga in the nude, but I'm sure glad he did. I wish I had found more.

I believe this yoga pose is called the cobra. I do know for certain that the item he's revealing between his legs in the last shot is called the sleeping cobra.

Thickly built blokes like this who are fit and athletic are catnip for me. His sweet, kind face makes him extra tempting.

The original uncropped photos are larger than they appear below and are archived online here (mirror here).


  1. Anonymous06:54

    Esta fantástico, Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  2. Anonymous08:45

    #3: Upward-facing Dog
    #4: Full Cobra
    #5: Chaturanga
    #6: Fucking hot


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