22 April 2017


A retired Army officer wrote an excellent op-ed in yesterday's Washington Post (link here) with the title "Trump’s anti-LGBT Army secretary nominee thinks veterans like me have ‘a disease.’"

The author is a transgender woman and she discusses the moral unfitness of Trump's Army Secretary nominee Mark Green for the job. I've discussed Green here before and his long history of hateful anti-LGBT behavior.

"The disrespect — the bigotry — he’s shown over and over toward the LGBT community, including LGBT service members, doesn’t reflect the spirit or direction of the military I know," the retired officer writes. "His selection reflects poorly on the President and our armed forces. He’s the wrong choice to be Army secretary."

She then steps through some of Green's history of targeted hate toward the LGBT community. The most troubling item was how Green encouraged the State of Tennessee to ignore the U.S. Supreme Court's marriage equality decision and to continue denying marriage licenses to LGBT persons.

Such an act is calling for open defiance of the US constitution, because the constitution makes the federal judiciary and the Supreme Court the final determiner of constitutionality. It shows Green's utter contempt for the American system of laws.

In my opinion and in the opinion of others, such contempt renders him unfit for any appointed or elected office. If you think you can ignore the law at will, then you don't belong anywhere in the government.

Donald Trump should withdraw this nomination and/or Green should remove his name from consideration.


  1. Anonymous04:38

    Desolador.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  2. OMG! This nomination as many others that «Trumpty Dumpty» made are so outdated and from another time.

    Looks like USA is going backward in the past like in the 50's.

    The worst is that with their OLD way of thinking come the modern technology and war capacity.
    Something that is quite frightening for many country in the world, not the ennemy ones but more the ally ones.

    Now, LGBT rights in USA is now facing big issues in many fields where gays are involved.
    The army as much as sports, those are MALE environments, macho ones, and being gay there is quite a challenge.

    More if the politics are going backwards to the OLD way of thinking.

    Here in Canada, we HAD those battles in the army but now, this is way back in the past and LGBT are more accepted and with our «Charter of Rights and Liberties» ALL are covered by our fondamental RIGHTS.

    We've settled this issue for a long time now: being gay ISN'T a DESEASE and this isn't to be re-visited by some weirdos that have no scientific knowledge. We are looking toward the future more than going back to old ways of thinking.

    Another country, another way to treat their minorities and races.


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