10 April 2017


Friday brought news that Donald Trump has nominated anti-LGBT zealot Mark E. Green to be the next Secretary of the Army (more details here).

Green has made a name for himself in far-right conservative circles with regular denouncements of LGBT Americans. As a state senator, he repeatedly criticized efforts by the Obama Administration to prevent discrimination against gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender people.

He also earned critical headlines and condemnation last year for urging "patriotic Americans" to arm themselves for "protection" against transgender people using public restrooms.

Green's nomination, if confirmed, would put him in stark contrast with the previous Secretary of the Army under President Obama, the openly gay Eric Fanning, who was widely praised for breaking down barriers in the straight male-oriented military.

Under Green, LGBT service personnel can expect to face a hostile environment and administrative indifference to intolerance. It's a giant step backwards for progress.

With this announcement, we see once again Trump has nominated an anti-LGBT zealot to his administration. And, once again, this makes claims that Trump is pro-LGBT all the more absurd.

If he's so pro-LGBT, where are all the openly LGBT people in the highest ranks of his administration? The answer: nowhere.


  1. OMG!
    Seems that your president M.Tweetler is taking the same path as a certain «great» leader did in 1933....

    The comparaison is so obvious that even a blind man could see it.
    The first went sadly against Jews and homosexuals, this new leader in your country is going against Muslims and LGBT people.

    Now with all those «puppets» in Washington manipulated by this president elected by so many «d├ęplorables», LGBT people in your country will have to be careful and maybe obliged to get back in their closets.
    Live the same fear that did Jews and homosexuals in Germany's Nazi country in 1933.

    You maybe think I'm exagerating, well maybe not so much.
    What will happen to the gay soldiers?
    They will be the first to endure the coming back to the «Don't ask, don't tell» in the US army.
    More, they will face exclusion of the army. A first step to discriminate the good soldiers from the «bad» ones.

    There will be great fights and manifestations to come for you to regain your dignity as FULL American citizens.

    When, in USA, will human rights of ALL Americans be stopped of dancing that «cha-cha» dance frontward-backward depending who is in office.

    It's so contradictory to see your country «fighting» for «Human Rights» to be respected in some other countries but is bashing some of its own citizens forbidding them equal rights in USA.

    So many contradictions in USA.....

  2. Anonymous05:35

    Deprimente.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  3. Chet12:28

    Trump has nominated one openly gay man to his administration: Richard Grenell. He's not in the highest ranks by any stretch. Trump nominated him to be Permanent Representative to NATO, which is a sort of ambassador. Given Trump wants to pull the US out of NATO it's not a prestige appointment.


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