24 April 2017

The Corner

I've written before about how when a conservative Republican speaks out against Donald Trump and calls him a liar and phony, that's someone you should pay particular attention to. He or she isn't acting out of partisan interests and is, in fact, acting against his or her own party's leader.

The conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin spares no sacred cows in her latest piece that appeared yesterday (link here) in The Washington Post. She's titled the column "Trump hasn’t turned a corner."

Rubin blasts Trump for still being the ill-informed, habitually deceptive liar he was throughout the campaign and doubts he'll ever change. She writes:

"Trump has not improved nor has his administration become competent or coherent. He wildly exaggerates accomplishments, overpromises and delivers virtually nothing. He embraces anti-democratic and racist autocrats. And his administration remains obsessed with vilifying immigrants and creating hysteria about our southern border. Meanwhile, his major legislative initiatives have not passed even one chamber of Congress."

While Trump's hardcore fans might think he's "winning," a majority of Americans do not. A new poll released yesterday (link here) shows nearly two out of three Americans give him a poor or only fair grade on his first three months in office. The rest of the world ranks him even lower.

Notwithstanding that she is a conservative Republican, I urge you to click through to Rubin's column. It's a fast but powerful read.

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