19 April 2017

Truckers' Tearoom

This is a very hot scene, likely so because all three lads clearly have a great time and are very turned on by what they're doing. They love doing porn to satisfy their exhibitionist need; the cash they earn is just a nice bonus.

The hot older stud wearing the red ballcap at the scene beginning is the legendary Jake Deckard. While currently retired from porn, he's exited the business before and then returned, so hopefully he'll come back sometime soon once again.

If you'd rather watch this scene on the source webpage or to download your own free copy to keep, you'll want to click here.


  1. Anonymous05:52

    DiversiĆ³n camionera.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta

  2. Anonymous18:12

    Lucky pup, to have both Galt and Deckard cum running down his chest.


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