04 April 2017


Greg Sargent wrote a great column in yesterday's Washington Post (link here) titled "Why is Trump flailing? Because Americans hate his agenda, and it’s based on lies."

The piece inventories the many failures of Donald Trump's two-month presidency and the reasons why he's flailing and failing -- terrible policies and deeply unpopular proposals built on a foundation of lies.

The article also brings up two of Trump's oft-repeated lies throughout the campaign that are now coming home to bite him on the ass.

Remember when Trump promised to bring back coal jobs? "I made them this promise," Trump said, "we will put our miners back to work" (source here). Turns out that was bullshit; even coal industry executives say the jobs are not coming back (source here).

Trump is also trying to kill the clean renewal energy industry by giving dirty coal a boost. That will end up costing more jobs than the entire coal industry provides (source here).

And remember when Trump promised that Mexico would pay for his border wall? "I will build a great, great wall on our southern border and I’ll have Mexico pay for that wall," he said when announcing his candidacy, in a promise that he repeated many times during the campaign (source here).

Well, it turns out Mexico won't be paying for the wall. Taxpayers like you and I will be footing the bill, which will run tens of billions of dollars (source here).

But, hey, we should keep believing his promises to the LGBT community, right, even though everything he's done on that front is a kick in the head to LGBT Americans.

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