27 April 2017

Crafty or Crazy?

The political magazine Washington Monthly published a shorter article on Tuesday with the title "Trump’s Delusions" (link here). The piece listed several examples of bizarrely false claims Donald Trump has made in media interviews recently that are completely divorced from reality.

One example involves his recent meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Trump famously refused to shake her hand during her White House visit, the sort of rude treatment you'd reserve for someone with whom you're barely speaking. But then he bragged later in an interview about how he had "great chemistry" with Merkel.

So does Trump know he's lying when he says things like this or is he delusional?

"What we are witnessing is someone who needs to reshape reality to put himself in the center as 'the greatest' of whatever standard is being measured," the linked article notes. "He creates delusions to pretend he has accomplished great things."

If you've ever spent any time around someone who is psychotic, this is exactly the sort of behavior they exhibit. They make up preposterous stories and then believe them like they're verified facts.

The writer on the linked piece then asks: "the only remaining question about all of this is whether Trump actually believes these delusions or simply creates them in a calculated way."

She concludes Trump is delusional and not deliberately lying.

If she is correct, then the nation is in deep, deep trouble. We have a true lunatic in the White House.


  1. Anonymous06:20

    how is this GOD on Earth???

  2. Well said and this makes me more and more afraid of the future.

    With such a psychopath in office, the world peace and balance is in danger.

    Also, seeing the way he is acting about North Korea, Russia, China and many other unstable countries, his behaviour is quite scary.

    Hope that the other countries governments are more intelligent and wise enough to react more wisely.

    After his 180° turn on us, Canada, for our trade deals, for sure he is very dangerous and his late decisions were made to show himself as a «hard leader» and to show to his «low base» American voters that HE will fight for GOOD American jobs and more.

    (When he met our prime minister Justin Trudeau, HE sais that our trade deal needed just a little «tweek».. Bullshit...)

    But it's just powder to their faces because it'll do the exact contrary.
    For now, it looks like a good policy toward our mutual trade deal BUT here, this is so badly received that Canadian government(s) and people are beginning to gather to boycott your products and fight back, as we did for more than 15 years, in the international trade court.

    With such a wind vane in office, USA will loose more and more its credibility around the world.

    Those who will benefit it are the other countries like China and Russia.

    HE IS VERY DANGEROUS for sure.

  3. Anonymous05:19

    Loco, mentiroso,de todo un poco.Amigo venezolano,Cucuta


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