18 October 2011

Ants in His Pants

If anyone knows where to buy briefs like this, please shout out in the comments. My boyfriend wants a pair. You may have trouble seeing what's on his underwear -- they're ants.


  1. I want his body - with or without the pants! Thanks for a hot picture.

  2. Anonymous08:51

    Looks like you've come across an ad for Antz Pantz Underwear. Was an Australian brand (don't know if it was sold internationally) of underwear, originally exclusively for women. Brand had a very successful TV ad where echidna (ant eater) ate ants off a woman's leg .. with ad ending with woman telling echidna to "sick em Rex" (name of echidna/ant eater). There's a clip on youtube if you want to google Antz Pantz.
    Antz Pantz eventually moved into producing mens lines and I'm guessing this is a shot from one of their ad campaigns.
    Don't know if they are still producing the underwear today.
    Good luck with finding a pair for your fella.

  3. Anonymous09:34

    For me, I think he is deliberately crying out for your help, Will


  4. Anonymous10:45

    quite easy ! fly to ITALY and buy it at bargain prices in any italian fashion shop ! 5 for 18 dollars !
    the frenchy , paris

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  6. Anonymous07:21

    What I'm having trouble seeing... is his dick.


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