16 October 2011


He's allegedly named Joey but, given it's porn, that's probably not his real name. The site where he appeared, as identified in the photo watermarks, lands some really hot-looking lads. At the same time, the site often makes really lame videos of the blokes they feature. Even a dropout from a community college video class would do a better job.


  1. Anonymous16:00

    Damn, am I ever sorry I dropped out of HIS community college class now.


  2. Anonymous11:24

    Unlike some guys, Joey looks much better out of his baggy, ill-fitting clothes than he does in them. And, he looks better with his head tilted slightly downward than he does with his head tilted slightly upward (as in the first image).


  3. Anonymous12:58

    He's known on other sites as "Mikey Camin" and probably other pseudonyms. His trademark is that furry chest, and I have to admit, I like it too!! LOL


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