07 October 2011

The Da Vinci Ass

Many of my forefathers were heavy into the Masons but the interest died out in my parents' generation. That appears to be some kind of Masonic symbol on his hoodie but beyond that it's a mystery to me. If this is the caliber of men at Masonic lodges today and their typical attire, I think I need to rekindle the familial legacy.


  1. Francois Sagat is wearing a hoodie from the company Fade embellished with a design of his own making. Read more about Sagat and Fade here:


  2. Anonymous10:07

    That "eye in a triangle inside a circle" thingie is on the back of the $1 bill, where it floats atop a pyramid.

    So maybe it's a reference to money.

    On the other hand, Madonna's jacket in "Desperately Seeking Susan" has the whole eye/pyramid structure from the $1 bill in gold, so maybe it's a nod to that.

  3. Anonymous10:14

    Also, according to Wikipedia, the so-called "Eye of Providence" has got some pretty widespread use-- including seals of fraternities-- beyond the Freemasons, the $1 bill and Madge's jacket:



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