20 October 2011

Semi-Vintage Rob

Rob Cryston was a big pornstar in the 1990s. He's the lad in the photos below with the longer hair.

He was an enthusiastic performer who usually bottomed. He really seemed to enjoy what he did, as if he was doing porn for the sex more than the money.

He disappeared from the screen around the time the Y2K fuss died down. I wonder what he looks like today. If he kept in shape he could be killer hot. Time for a comeback Rob.


  1. Anonymous08:04

    Agreed: Cryson was a great bottom who really got enthusiastic about taking it up the bum. When he came, his mouth would screw-up in a characteristic and apparently uncontrollable half sneer(not apparent in the image above). I loved it 'cause you could tell that he was enjoying a great orgasm.


  2. Rob Cryston is my favorite porn star of all time. he was HOT. In his later films he beefed up a lot and did several wrestle sex type vids. HOT

  3. Anonymous20:24

    What?! Have you've never heard of Ryan Block? Do I have to tell you everything? These 1994 pictures are from "Toilet Tramps". I introduced you to GEVI for a reason, you know. Even I'm getting tired of scolding you. Sheesh!

    1. Anonymous13:09

      What I wouldn't do to get my hands on a copy of that 'Toilet Tramps' video. Hottest scene ever.

  4. Hey third commenter above who cowardly hides behind an anonymous identity...

    Is it necessary to be such an ungrateful whining dick that you have to constantly complain about a free blog where someone spends many hours bringing us great free porn just because your tiny ego gets a little boost with your snotty comments that demonstrate your superior knowledge of obscure porn trivia?

  5. Anonymous06:23

    This message is also directed to the third commenter above. Buddy, you need to chill out. Either have a glass of wine or rub one out--or perhaps both. We are all just a bunch of horny buds. We are all on the same side. If this blog angers you so, my friend, perhaps you should look elsewhere to satisfy your jack-off fantasies. Maybe you should start your own blog.

    Leo G.

  6. Anonymous06:55

    I used to love Cryston's mattress-biting shtick.


  7. Anonymous08:00

    Dutch, calm down. I didn't interpret Anonymous's comments about the GEVI resource as anywhere near as strident as you did. He's just chiding Manhandler a bit. Keep it civil, man!


  8. Anonymous11:11


    Lighten up! This is porn after all. Everything I say is clearly meant in jest. Of course I love this website. I wouldn't go to the trouble of commenting if I didn't. If Will doesn't want me to comment anymore, I'll stop. Sue me for showing off, having a little bit of fun, and sharing info. I'm far from being snotty, cowardly, ungrateful and whining. And as to you calling me a dick, I'll take that as a compliment. Thanks! :)

  9. Oh yes, Rob did it for me, and still does. My favorite.

  10. I was not offended. I thought perhaps Anon was begging for me to punish him with one of the nice crops or paddles under my bed. Sometimes naughty lads have been known to provoke me so that I will be particularly exuberant with their punishment.

  11. what movies are these pics from and where can i find the movie?


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