15 October 2011

Public Mansex

Both these lads are mighty fine to look at. And that dumpster has been strategically placed so they can't be seen by the traffic on the nearby street.

If a cop drove down that alley, they'd have some explaining to do. That's unless the officer needed a quick blowjob.

Thanks as always to Dirk for the heads up on this flick link. If you want to watch a larger screen version of this, click here


  1. Anonymous15:38

    Long time fams of this blog will remember two similar "Out in Public" videos. One had two dudes fucking in the back of a passenger filled bus. The other had two guys screwing in the back of a busy grocery store. Neither video was believable.

    This video is not only very hot, it has the added bonus of being believable. Behind a alley dumpster is a much more private place for annonymous sex.

    Leo G.

  2. Anonymous09:13

    How come the bottom guy didn't get to cum?


  3. Anonymous06:25

    I agree with Scott, with that block between my legs... I'd never leave him



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