13 October 2011


Something tells me they're not real farmboys. But they can come hang off my silo any time they want.

Having spent part of my formative years growing up in the American Midwest, I never ceased to be amazed at how some young lads wore their feed caps 24/7. When I glance on occasion at my high school "class news" webpage, I see that most of the feed cap crowd still live in the same county more than 25 years later. Waiting to inherit the family farm keeps them chained to their past the rest of their lives.


  1. Luke04:35

    Come on boys, lose those jeans!

  2. Anonymous12:43

    200 acres @ $6000 an acre = $1.2 million. Those farmboys aren't chained to anything.

  3. It's running about $1,000 an acre in the area where I lived. Winter temperatures also regularly drop in the -40 degrees F range in winter. Most lads won't inherit the family farm until they reach their fifties. I call that chained.


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