22 October 2011

Going Down Somewhere Down Under

He seems like he's straight to me, so I very much enjoyed the blowjob portion of this. I imagine that makes me a perv but I like when heterosexuals are lured into man-on-man action. Too bad he couldn't be talked into a reciprocating blowjob.

I know some of you won't like those tattoos, but they're popular amongst blue collar blokes and underscore his authenticity. If you're hooking up with mostly straight working men, you can't expect they'll be gym toned and tatt free.


  1. Anonymous07:13

    Straight men who get into homosexual acts have a certain vanity and ego that I find compelling. This guy definately pushed my buttons. And the tatts? Baby! All a part of this complete turn-on vid.

    Thank you Will!

    - John

  2. Anonymous08:59

    Nice white ass!

    Brazilian girls on the T.V. aside, I think this guy is open for gayer activities. He sure liked to finger his ass and his mouth was wide open during his cum shot. Both clues leading to gayness.

    Very hot--but what was he doing with his tongue at 15:30. I thought he was having a seizure.

    Leo G.

  3. I don't think he's a stranger to man-on-man sex, especially blowjobs. He instinctively reached out and placed his hand on the (cute!) blower's shoulder. And wow...he's quite a shooter, isn't he?

  4. Anonymous12:51

    beautiful guy;not sure he's totally straight.


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