21 July 2012

Bo Does Devin

The bottom here, Devin, is allegedly straight and married with children. Whatever is true, he is a bona-fide cock slut. The top, Bo, is also supposed to be straight, too. They seem a bit too into this who man sex thing for straight lads, particularly Devin.


  1. Anonymous10:19

    Do a Google search on these lads, look at their images, and see whether you find any women...just saying.

  2. The really great thing about straight men is the knowledge they cross over on a regular, if not frequent schedule. Truth is,it is well known straight men have friends who share more than fishing over the weekend. And it just may be the infrequency of those 'man on man' encounters that makes them all the more urgent, potent and, really, HOT. Best posted video yet.

  3. berlinboy00:57

    sorry unknown, but those straight men with gay tendencies are a myth.....and completely unneccessary with all the hot gay guys around.....concerning the video....I just love a really big guy getting fucked, the image alone of him raising his beefy legs, opening up for a nice hard cock makes my cock twitch

  4. Anonymous01:09

    Mais qui croit encore à ces "prétendus hétéros" qu'on voit dans les vidéos gays ? Un vrai hétéro, ça ne baise pas avec des mecs, un point c'est tout !


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