14 July 2012

Joe College

This video has been up for more than a week but not taken down, which surprises me, considering its site of origin. The thing I find interesting is that this particular website finds so many supposedly straight lads willing to fuck for cash. Where were all these lads when I was in college?


  1. Anonymous07:43

    Sorry but! a guy who's never been fucked before can't take a tool like that so esealy...

  2. Anonymous08:14

    Faut quand même pas être naïf, tous ces mecs ne sont pas plus hétéros que moi !

  3. So, what is it that gets these "straight" boys dicks hard, cash or the other boy?

  4. Anonymous06:41

    These guys are not as straight as their dicks are pointing at each other.

    I much prefer this to "Patrick" sleepwalking his way through a man on man session while looking at straight porn offscreen.

  5. Anonymous14:59

    Honey all men are willing to fuck for cash str8 or bi, cash is the ultimate turn on. Believe me i live in Lebanon (arab country in the Middle East) and almost 90% of str8 married men, some of which are taxi drivers, army men, police, gym instructors, security are all willing to fuck a guy for a small amount a cash, and believe me they all get a hard on after a nice blow job...

  6. Anonymous13:07

    I like that last one a lot!!!

  7. Anonymous13:07

    I like this last comment a lot!!!

  8. Anonymous21:25

    WHO ARE THOSE GUYS? I could find it on Sean Cody.


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